Snowmobile tour in Sochi

Описание и программа экскурсии

«Snow Safari» is a snowmobile tour in Krasnaya Polyana: Magnificent landscapes, untouched nature of the national park, beech forest, mountain rivers, the "horizons of Krasnaya Polyana", snow-capped mountains, viewing platforms and many other extreme obstacles will help you to relax for real. You can safely go on a trip on snowmobiles in a real winter fairy tale.

The tour starts at an 1450 meters above sea level, from the "Laura" ski and biathlon complex. Magnificent panoramas await you on the Aibga ridge, Mount Achishkho, fir and beech forests. Two stops planned:
○ The first is “Panorama”, where you can take beautiful photos and “selfies” against the backdrop of the powerful Caucasus Mountains.
○ At the second stop, Deer Farm and Husky Park will be waiting for you (stop ~10 minutes). Here you will have the opportunity to watch animals for free. If you want to pet and feed them, then this can be done for an additional fee

Special attention to safety! The route is made by experienced instructors - having driven hundreds of hours on snowmobiles.
Total duration of the event is 1.5 hours, 30 minutes for instruction and a test drive for all drivers before arrival in a huge circle and 1 hour for the route on snowmobiles. Thus the time of the event can vary from 1h10 to 1h30min, depending on the guests.
The basics of driving are taught, as well as coaching and test drive before departure. The movement along the routes is accompanied by an instructor. Participants in the trip are equipped with helmets. Instructors accompanying groups are always ready to come to the rescue in any situations.

We offer you utilitarian snowmobiles of these models:
- Arctic Cat and Viking; power - 54-60 h.p.: engine capacity - 500-600; gearbox - automatic. Possible to drive alone and two person together for a snowmobile.

Please note that these are not sports snowmobiles and not high-speed / extreme skiing. These are measured routes and classic utilitarian snowmobile equipment.

Optional services upon request:
1) Snowmobile and ATV insurance:
○ Insurance is paid separately from the rental of the vehicle, at the request of the tenant, the cost of insurance is 1000 rubles per unit of equipment.
○ In the absence of insurance, the participant bears full responsibility for the integrity of the rented equipment.
○ When renting a snowmobile, together with a driving instructor on one all-terrain vehicle, insurance is not required if the instructor is driving.
2) Equipment for rent:
○ Protective clothing: jacket, trousers, glasses, boots - 500 r separately, 1,500 rubles in a set. Gloves (not included in set) 500 rub
○ Rent an action camera - 1000 rubles per hour. (for the duration of the tour)

• If there is a long absence of snow on the route, the event may not take place.
• Employees reserve the right to refuse the service of renting a snowmobile / ATV to people who are intoxicated or addicted, as well as with signs of inappropriate behavior.
• The company reserves the right to reschedule rental dates and times due to natural disasters, traffic jams and technical breakdowns of vehicles.
• For persons under 18 years of age, as well as girls and women - driving is permitted only with a driving instructor on a snowmobile, ATV or together with a man who has reached the age of 18 who has undergone training and test drive on an ATV.
• For men who have not passed the test drive, control is permitted only in conjunction with a driving instructor on the same snowmobile, ATV.
• Women with a child on the same snowmobile / ATV are not allowed to drive.

Дополнительная информация

  • Instructions and test-drive
  • Protective helmet
  • Snowmobile for rent (1 hour tour)

Место отправления

Meeting spot: near the "Galaxy" mall (near Gazprom center). Or transfer (Krasnaya Polyana). По предварительному бронированию.

Расчёт стоимости

5,500 руб.
Ежедневно, несколько раз в день
Ближайшая 1 декабря в 09:30
5,500 руб.
Ежедневно, несколько раз в день
Ближайшая 1 декабря в 09:30

Расчёт стоимости

5,500 руб.
Ежедневно, несколько раз в день
Ближайшая 1 декабря в 09:30

«Экскурс» даёт 100% гарантию низкой цены. И вот почему:

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Мы гарантируем это!

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- Здесь вы не найдёте выдуманных отзывов. Поделиться мнением можно только после посещения экскурсии, поставив оценку по нескольким параметрам: впечатления, качество сервиса, соответствие описанию и интерес для детей.

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